who are we ? 1/2

At the origin of this project there is a meeting between three students in BTS Audiovisual trades. It is the result of several collaborations on various projects and work experiences that the idea of founding a company of audiovisual sevices emerged as the obvious.

Trained for careers in television and techniques of the creation of broadcast quality product (business), at the convergence of technology and all-digital, a simple observation arose. The service provides live audio and video webcast of its seems still inaccessible to the general public. Although the audio-visual technologies will be greatly democratized, with the advent of digital camcorders and simplify video processing computer, know how and professional equipment is essential to developing quality products with a finish that does not deceive.

Similarly if the webcast, also known as streaming, is now commonplace, the means to implement in order to broadcast live from anywhere is heavy and uneconomical to implement. The company that we intend to create, resulting in a first step to changing practices of viewers.

More and more of them preferred watching the internet, because now the Internet is an integral part of our lives.

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